Bang the Big Camry.


Our attempt at simulating the Big Bang.

We can’t work the supercomputers, so instead we went to¬† a vacant lot in Broadmeadows. with Jonnie Leahy’s Mums 1994 Toyota Camry painted a hostile shade of pink known as Kathleens Ribbon.

8 people dressed in Zapatista style masks, goggles, helmets and gloves armed with golf clubs, sledge hammers, bricks. Destroyed the Camry, bashed, smashed, hit the Camry and then festooned it solemly with ribbon.

The Lord of the Flies glorious  excitement that comes from violence. The wooping simple heaven of destruction.

It went from a suburban shopping mall image to a war zone. From David Willimson to Antigone.

Can the work go beyond merely representing science. Maybe if the metaphor is complex or subtle enough. I’m not sure if the Camry will achieve this, whether the resonance of meaning will be too simple or too obscure. Which simply means I’ve spent too long thinking about it.

Regardless I feel it was a worthwhile and blood thirsty experiment.

Posted: May 17th, 2009
at 7:16pm by admin

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