Shooting stars


The shoot for the website went delightfully well, and delightfully pink. 

Lure hairdressers remarkably gave us the keys to their salmon palace. Art director Cat Sewell filled it with magnificently creepy floral ‘get well soon’ arrangements and medical equipment. Our actors Matthew and Zoe were suitably translucent, translating ‘casual jerking’ and ‘majestic soap opera bitch’ with great acuity. The pair of white mice huddled appropriately.

And so we have a hospital room for our comatose protagonist, and some very luscious footage for the website.

With enormous thanks to Rino Pontini at Lure, Cat Sewell, Christie Stott, Andy Lane, Matthew Kneale, Zoe Meager, Jonnie Leahy, Robbie Kohl, Matthew Gingold and Michael Baggot for their patience and talent.

Posted: April 14th, 2009
at 8:00pm by admin

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