Astronomers can talk. There is no doubt that once you get them going, they aren’t shy. Swinburne is blessed with some eloquent speakers of fluent astronomy.

The first round of audio interviews have proven a bounty of material featuring:

-frozen sound waves that emanated from the big bang
-how to be insulted by dark energy
-the enigmatic millisecond pulsar
-giggling about ripples in space and time
-falling in love with PSRJ0437 minus 47’15”
-baryonic supremacy and ptolemaic epicycles
-the politics of collisionless matter
-the opaque veil of reionisation
-fragile discs and cluster neighbourhoods

Dealing with the extreme richness of detail, and the colliding imperative to streamline.

Delighted to find that a coma is a dust cloud around the head of a comet.

Posted: March 15th, 2009
at 10:30pm by admin

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