Crash Course Continues


Big questions this week. How to concurrently develop fact and fiction. How to create strong structure and leave room for ambiguity and surprise.

Doing some scythe- like discarding of previous ideas. Becoming aware how dependent we are on department participation. Making some friends in the centre, everyone nice and potentially a bit scared of artists.

Interviews and writing both about to start.

CRASH course in Astrophysics continues. The actual brain is hurting. Conclusions are that the universe must hurt because of all the expanding.

Comas. Comas. Yes to comas. The Glasgow Coma Scale. Degeneracy and degeneracy pressure are everywhere in space. Germaine Greer replies. Finding locations that are pink pink pink. Being told we cant use them. In Chinese.

Cataclysmic variables. Young relativistic binary pulsar. Most eccentric millisecond pulsar. Permanent superhumpers. Stellar exotica.

Posted: February 18th, 2009
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